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Hi, I'm Rosaly~ this blog is where I dump all of my art. Enjoy!

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as--the--world--falls--down sent: Hello! I'm thinking about making a music box too (with As The World Falls Down) so could you maybe, idk if you have time, but like make a tutorial on how to make the music box and melody, please? That would mean the world to me c: thank you!

Well, I can’t really do a tutorial,since I didn’t take any photos of my process, but I can explain how I did it. It was quite difficult to figure out. But I’ll gladly share what I figured out on my own.

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rumbellewillruletheworld sent: Your music box is amazing!! Seriously, those walls alone look incredible! Great job!

Thank you so much!! :)

Practicing some animation with one of my characters for my BFA

Practicing some animation with one of my characters for my BFA

Sitting Paulie

Sitting Paulie

Anonymous sent: Are you still doing the beatles paper dolls?

No, I stopped about a year or two ago haha. Sorry,friend. 

Little doodle of Keith

Little doodle of Keith

Quick doodles of Ringo and Paul

Link doodle from good mythical morning

Link doodle from good mythical morning

Don’t self promote on my art. That’s rude. Thank you.
Happy Birthday, Keith!! Throw some cake! 
✿August 23, 1946✿ 
(please don’t erase this)

Happy Birthday, Keith!! Throw some cake! 

August 23, 1946✿ 

(please don’t erase this)

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Anonymous sent: youre insanely talented

awww, Thank you! :)

Anonymous sent: Ahh so what's your animation process? I understand the drawing out scheme but what do you use to scan them in and convert them to a gif?

You can use photoshop to make it into a gif or take this individual frames and upload them on to do that as well. 

I don’t need to scan them because a lot of my animations are done on my computer and I use a tablet, but my first animation was done on paper. I just took a regular scanner and scanned each individual frame. 

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